The program of the day is listed below.

Time Content
9.30am Welcome and introduction
9.40am First presentation session including discussions
  • Rainer Simon (Austrian Institute of Technology), The Pelagios project
  • Katherine Hart Weimer (Rice University),Geoinformation in Digital Libraries and Linked Data
  • Maurizio Lana (Universit√† del Piemonte Orientale), Annotation of place mentions in Latin Literature
  • Humphrey Southall (University of Portsmouth), Engaging the wider public with historical gazetteers
11.00am Coffee break
11.30am Second presentation session including discussions
  • Patricia Murrieta-Flores (University of Chester), Non-locational and fantastic places in Medieval Romances
  • Karl Grossner (Stanford University), Joining Place and Period in Historical Gazetteers
  • Michael Page (Emory University), Atlanta Explorer: Historical Geocoding and the City
Third presentation session including discussions
  • Bruno Martins (University of Lisbon), NLP and IR methods for handling geospatial information in textual documents
  • Christopher Donaldson (University of Birmingham), Extracting and visualizing the geographies in historical travel writing
13.00pm Lunch break (probably with a small delay)
2.30pm Speed presenting and breakout discussions
4.00pm Coffee break
4.30pm Wrap up session including an expert panel discussion
6.00pm End of the workshop